Monday, 13 March 2017

Flying The Nest: Take II


Living at home is just so cosy isn't it? You know that you are always going to come home to a smiling face and [hopefully] a hot meal. Ah the life. I actually lived by myself in my dad's house [long story..] so leaving home wasn't quite so hard for me and something I had wanted to do for a while.

I had obviously left home once before for uni, many moons ago. But it's not quite the same is it? Yes, you have more freedom than you have ever had but you still have the comfort blanket of your parents sorting everything out and coming to pick you up for the holidays. 

I have recently moved into London but it took me a while to finally make the decision. I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing for a good year because I felt there was so many things to weigh up. I only live about an hour outside of London, so was it really worth it? That was my main concern - would I be wasting money? Would I still be able to afford to go out for dinner? Silly I know, but these are the questions that would run through my head.

As you can probably tell, I am not a massive risk taker, I like to make level headed decisions [clearly this is not always true, especially after a few drinks on a Friday night!] But, just going for it and plunging myself in the big wide world was probably one of the best choices I have made. 

I am lucky enough to have some fab housemates, but after being here a whole month - yes time flies - I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed being able to be a forty five minute commute away from work, explore more of London and find its hidden gems. 

Very recently I read a really interesting book 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers, which could have been one of the main drivers for why I decided to just go for it. Sometimes, its these kind of decisions which can really be the making of us and I am so excited for the next few weeks, months and years in London!

Now I just need to look for a blogger event in London...

Charlotte xx

Monday, 27 February 2017

What we all really want to know about avocados

Ok so this is a bit of a random post for me, but you know what, I think its a subject that touches most peoples hearts. Avocados. You heard correctly, this post is going to be completely about avocados.

Firstly, who doesn't like avocados now-a-days?! They pretty much go with any meal, they can be eaten at any time of the day and they are just so so yummy. As you can probably tell I am a massive fan and they are always in my weekly shop. But, one thing that I find bitterly disappointing about avocados is how much they can vary shop to shop - anyone have this problem too? #FirstWorldProblems

Now, this clearly is a problem. I don't want to have avocado problems, you know when they never soften or the stone is super hard to get out. We have all had them. So due to this, I thought that I would construct a hot-or-not list so that we NEVER have this problem again and you know what retailer to go to get that avocado fix! Genius!

So lets get to it, I know you all cant wait...

Sainsbury - 5 / 10 [££]

Obviously this hasn't got off to the best start, but the Sainsbury's avocado is just always so hit and miss. As one of the higher priced places to get an avocado, I always expect so much more, how am I supposed to mash it when it still isn't ripe after three weeks?

Aldi - 6 / 10 [£]

As the least expensive avocado retailer, Aldi are surprisingly a high contender for the best avocado. However, they are often sold out which is particularly heart breaking when you are in need of an avocado. 

Tesco - 9 / 10 [££]

Wow wow wow. Tesco's know how to source an avocado. They manage to hit the nail on the head every single time. I don't think I have ever had a disappointing avocado - you know what, fuck it, I'm giving them 10 / 10.

Waitrose - 2 / 10 [£££]

Absolutely shocking. And the most expensive! Every time I go to Waitrose, I think its going to have changed and every time I am tricked into buying a rubbish avocado. I may even go to the extent that they are not edible at times. Need I say more?

I hope you have enjoyed my guidance and advice on a subject which is so close to my heart as an avid avocado fan and regular avocado eater. 

Charlotte x

*other retailers are available as well as independent stores

Monday, 13 February 2017

Eating in the city of luvvvvv


So what even is the actual city of love? I am not so sure. Is it Paris? Venice? Well I am going with Rome, because lets be honest, it is most definitely a romantic get away. I was lucky enough to celebrate New Year with my boyfriend in this beautiful city and wow, did it impress. The sights were amazing, the people were lovely but mostly importantly, the food was out of this world.

I cant even begin to describe how much I ate on this holiday [I am well and truly hitting the gym everyday because of it!] From pasta and pizza to ice cream and tiramisu, it was beyond fantastic. So this valentines, if you are heading out to this city of love, here are some of the places I would more than recommend going;

We saw this within one of our travel books and it sounded right up my street so we decided to check it out for breakfast. It specialises in healthy food and juices. I had an acai bowl alongside a ginger juice, whereas my boyfriend had a octopus and potatoe 'box.' Both were great [so he told me!] and it was nice to have something healthier than ice cream!

I was craving a good cup of tea by the end of our trip so we decided to stop in here. It specialises in afternoon tea and even though we didn't have one ourselves, they looked amazing. This was lovely for a tea pit stop, however, it was quite expensive!

So I have to admit this was probably one of the saddest parts of the holiday. As we went over the New Year a lot of places were shut, in particular this cat cafe which I was desperate to go to [we went back twice as I was so distraught!] I didn't eat here obviously but it has fab reviews!

I know that typically you go to Paris to eat macaroons, but I just couldn't pass this shop window without going in. These were great for a small snack in the afternoon and there were so many flavours, you could have gone back ten times! Make sure you try the rose petal macaroon...

We went to this restaurant on our first night and it set the bar high for all of our other evening meals! They had all the Italian classics [I have carbonara as its my favourite] and just had a relaxing atmosphere. I would definitely recommend as its also right next to the Trevi Fountain!

There were just so many places to eat and so little time. But I hope you are able to enjoy some of the listed above. As a side tip, stop at any gelato shop [I went to the one by the Trevi Fountain three times!] - you wont regret it!

Charlotte x