Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Hello there!

I have been going backwards and forwards about starting this blog for a good few years now. After studying marketing at university, I became immersed into everything digital and this enthused me to start a blog. So here I am!

My name is Charlotte, I am (very nearly!) 23 years old and I am working in London but commuting from Berkshire. This blog will be about everything and anything, but most probably, fashion, beauty and my general adventures as I adapt to city life!

Unfortunately, this blog is not about sausages or anything to do with sausages really. The name of my blog comes from two very important people in my life; my parents. My dad has always called me Shilly since I was a tiny girl and my mum has also nicknamed me Sossage (Soss for short). I like to think these are terms of endearment and this is how I created my blog name. As well as this, I can sometimes be a ‘Shilly Sausage’ so thought this was very appropriate!!

There will be lots of blog posts on their way, so I hope you enjoy!



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