Tuesday, 22 September 2015

3. REVIEW: Bea's of Bloomsbury (St Paul's)

I'm not going to lie; I do love an afternoon tea. I usually try and have one wherever I go, whether its for a weekend away or even a day trip. If you have read my '10 important facts about me' post then you will realise that I am a avid tea lover, so what is really better than adding some sandwiches, scones and cakes into the mix too?! 

So as it was my birthday this weekend, I convinced my mum and step-dad to take me somewhere unique for an afternoon tea in London. I did my research and after longingly looking at the Ritz, I decided to have a more low key experience at Bea's of Bloomsbury in St Paul's. 

As I work near St Paul's, I had often looked through the window and thought how cute it looked. On arrival at mid-day on a sunny Saturday (thank goodness!), we were greeted by the very friendly staff - when inside I realised that Beau's did not only offer table service but also a takeaway service with lots of lovely cupcakes lined up on the counter. I have obviously already vowed that I am going to try every flavour, but first, the peanut butter and chocolate (not that I am already excited!) The inside was really quirky and our table had an amazing view as we were sat on the top floor.

Naturally it wasn't hard to decide what I was going to have to celebrate my birthday; the full works! I opted for Bea's Full Afternoon Tea. Even though I was tempted by the afternoon tea that included champagne, after celebrating with my friends the night before, I thought it would be best to stick to a nice cup of tea!! We were given a run through of everything on the menu and then the wait begun...

Earl grey all round!

I was going to do a step by step description, but decided against it and thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves!!

So lets begin from the bottom up. The homemade sandwiches were frankly delicious, fillings included cheese and ham, mozzarella and basil and lastly, cream cheese and chive. This was followed by homemade plain scones, brownies, marshmallows and meringue. But, to the main event.. the cupcake! As you can see, Beau's went that extra mile by personalising the cupcake for my birthday which really was lovely and made the experience that extra special. The red velvet cupcake was spot on and I will definitely be going back to try another (as already mentioned!) 

The afternoon tea at Bea's of Bloomsbury was just under £25 per person. Even though this did seem like an expenditure, there was ALOT of really yummy food. I would definitely recommend to anyone that wants a more relaxed afternoon tea, but with consistently fab food, as well as a great view of St Paul's as a beautiful setting!


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