Thursday, 24 September 2015


Yes, its Thursday and I have decided to 'throwback' on this glorious day. After recently starting this blog, as well as a new job in London, I thought I would publish my first ever draft of a blog post I wrote about commuting into the city! How things have changed in only just over one year!

First Time Commuter (August 2014)

'The first day of an internship in the big city is a particularly nerve wracking experience, let alone with the added factor of the morning commute. The anxiety of whether the train will be on time, or if you'll be able to get on the first tube, that keeps you up the night before.

I started my first day leaving the house at 7.15 am in order to walk to the station to get the 7.40 am train. Yes that’s right, that train was 1 hour and 50 minutes before I had to actually be at my place of work. This was very different to my usual University routine in which I often rolled out of bed about half an hour before my lecture! Final arriving at the train station, I automatically knew it was going to be a free fall and perceived that there was a 'every man for themselves' attitude towards getting a seat. As soon as the train entered the platform, there was a mad rush through the door and down the aisles, which of course I involved in. After finding a seat and quickly perching myself on it, I suddenly felt myself breathe a sigh of relief. Looking around the carriage, it was silent. People were either casually dozing off, plugged into their iPad (ironic as I am currently writing this on my iPad on the morning train) or listening to music on their phone. I decided to brush the dust off my book that I hadn't touched for months and get back into it, which meant that the journey went surprisingly fast.

Once arriving at Waterloo, I made another key observation that I should have thought about as I stood in my heels. My feet were sore and it was 8.38 am, I had a horrible feeling that I was not going to make it through the day. Fortunately my trusty Dad told me I may need to pack some pumps for the day, advice I rolled my eyes at. I have survived many nights prancing around in high heels; surely this would be a walk in the park? Apparently not and I was glad that I packed my pumps last minute. The image of working men in expensive suits and woman in high wasted skirts, teamed with a pair of branded trainers, did make me laugh to myself but I was certain comfort was more important as I changed into my flat shoes in the Starbucks queue. That was another pain with the morning commute; the queue for a coffee was incredible with everyone wanting to get their morning fix. After waiting for what felt like eternity, I finally ordered and was on my way down the escalator to the tube.

Like the train, everyone shuffled quickly on to the platform to get a first mover advantage. When the tube arrived, everyone gathered around the door which meant the poor people getting off had to squeeze themselves out as people packed on, including myself. I wasn't so lucky on this part of my journey and had to stand but didn't mind as I only had four stops until I was able to escape the crowds and hot atmosphere. I had a strong grip around the handrail as the tube stopped and started until I finally made it to my stop. I broke into a gentle jog as I nervously looked at the time and knew I still had a little walk. I rushed into the lift and made my way up to the daylight. It was a beautiful day, a little cool but lovely and sunny as I walked to the office that would be my home for the next two weeks. I finally made it, ditched my coffee and popped a mint into my mouth as I entered reception. I sat down and caught my breathe as I realised I had jumped the first hurdle pretty smoothy and the next was to impress my office, which I'm sure will be another story...'

Have I improved?!?!?


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