Wednesday, 30 September 2015

6. REVIEW: 'Us' (David Nicholls)

Whilst on holiday this summer, I managed to get through quite a lot of books I had been meaning to read. I really love reading but to be honest, after working all day, I can never be bothered to pick up a book. A bad attitude I know. Anyway, as I was saying, whilst on the sun lounger, I got engrossed in the new book by David Nicholls, 'Us.' I was already a massive fan of Nicholls other work, with 'One Day' being one of my favourite books (and film!!!), so when I saw the new book in my local supermarket, I didn't even think twice about buying it.

The book focuses on *stop reading if you don't want a spoiler!* a man, Douglas, and how he is coping with the collapse of his marriage. It was quite interesting as often this type of plot is centred around a perspective of a woman, so this gave a different 'side of the story' let's say. Throughout the whole book I actually really warmed to Douglas even though he was portrayed as a bit of an uptight, nerdy scientist. I guess really, I sympathised for him, as it is clear that he is victimised by his wife, Connie, and son, Albie. 
The book jumps straight into the story line with the first chapter making it clear that Douglas' marriage is on your rocks. However the main section of the book is about a trip the small family take around Europe. In essence, they go inter-railing. Now, personally, I wouldn't want to go around Europe with my family at the best of times, yet Douglas' believes this is a way to win back his distant wife and angry son. Rather him than me anyway! The book is split into sections to break up each country they visit, with diaster in pretty much every country they visit from arguments and fights to even Albie running away with a street performer!! However, throughout the whole book, Douglas reminisces about his relationship with Connie and his son which gives a lot of background information about the family dynamics.
I really did enjoy this book, it wasn't particularly fast paced but it gave a real insight into how a man deals with his world being crushed and how he learns from this through new experiences. I believe that it does have a happy ending *I won't completely spoil it!* and genuinely it was an uplifting read with a few laugh out loud chapters! Would most definitely recommend for an easy read by the beach or after a long day at work!
* I purchased my copy of 'Us' from Waitrose at £4.99, they may still be available so grab a copy now!! 


  1. I have this on my bookshelf this very moment, I just need to actually pick it up! But i will now! x

    1. Definitely, such an easy read!

      Charlotte x

  2. This sounds like a great read!