Sunday, 11 October 2015

10. FASHION: ASOS Wishlist

After gradually merging winter colours into my wardrobe, frankly not a big deal for me as most of my wardrobe is black, I decided it was finally acceptable to start looking at winter clothes. I know we have had the lovely weather this week and many of you will be screaming at the screen that summer is NOT over, but I feel that the beginning of October is also the beginning of my favourite seasons, autumn / winter. I don't really know why I like these seasons as I am always cold, but it could be the fact that I can get away with wearing black pretty much everyday! yay!

So what best place to start but ASOS. I have picked four of my saved items to share with you that I am absolutely loving and am already counting down the days until payday for them to be mine!!!  *Disclaimer: This is going to be a regular post as I spend too much of my day on this website!*

Okay so I ended picking five because lets be honest, there is just too much to choice. As you can see, I have focused on outwear as I am always cold and boots, coats or jackets are always winners! Just looking at these clothes is making me excited for layering, but more importantly... pay day!


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