Sunday, 18 October 2015

13. REVIEW: Kusmi TEA TEA TEA (Part 1)

As you can probably tell from the title, I am going to be trying and testing (what a shame) numerous different tea flavours and give you an honest review. For my birthday, my lovely lovely girlfriends brought me a box of Kusmi tea all the way from Paris. This was up there with one of my favourite presents (along with my adult colouring book) and I have just been so excited about experimenting with the different tea flavours, most of which I wouldn't even think of trying. So here goes nothing... 
Kusmi Algotea - this tea really did taste just like green tea, which was a bit disappointing as it was really bland. It did have undertones of seaweed which I wasn't too keen on!! (4/10)
Kusmi Sweet Love - this tea smelt so sweet, I had visions of it being really sickly but alas it was lovely! It tasted quite like chai tea, and let's just hope the sweet love works... (7/10) 
Kusmi Boost - I really did LOVE this tea. It was very refreshing and I had it after getting back from the gym which was just what I needed. It also did give me a slight boost, always a plus, so I will be repurchasing!! (8/10)

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