Tuesday, 20 October 2015

14. REVIEW: Kusmi TEA TEA TEA (Part 2)

So I didn't manage to try ALL six different Kusmi tea bags in one week so I decided to split the post and here we are with round two!

Kusmi Euphoria: I'm not going to lie, this was the tea I was most dread. Chocolate and orange. Yuck. But after having my dinner I fancied something a bit sweet so I plucky up the courage and boiled the kettle. Surprisingly it wasn't actually as bad as I thought, the chocolate scent was very strong but the actually tea generally just tasted fruity! (5/10) 

Kusmi Be Cool: I was a bit worried about this tea as it involved liquorice which is never EVER good. However, I actually couldn't taste it as the peppermint was so strong (in a good way!)I did like this one but didn't think it tasted that different to other mint tea! (7/10)

Kusmi Detox: I have a Pukka detox tea most days and I was actually really excited about this tea as I knew I would like it. I had this tea on a Friday so it was nice to just sip in the afternoon and feel the affect. Not surprisingly, I LOVED this tea as it made me feel really detoxed (does what it says on the box!) and not so groggy! (8/10)

So from my review of the Kusmi Wellness Blend Tea bags, I am going to probably purchase Sweet Love and Boost (Review part 1.) next time I am in Paris, which is only at the end of the week! Yay!

Has anyone else tried Kusmi tea? What did you think?


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