Thursday, 29 October 2015

16. LIFE: National Cat Day

National Cat day has really brightened my week. I saw this on Facebook and I just had to write about it. As much as I love my dog, Tia, I am progressively getting quite obsessed with cats. Maybe I am taking after Tay Tay or just that I have been single for far too long!

Anyway, I have been trying to convince my dad for the last six months that I am very very lonely and I need a cat. He did point out to me that no one would be around to feed it when I went 'galavanting off' so I decided that I will have to hold off on the cat dream for a while until I have my own house. Lucky future boyfriend. 

Bertie and Charlie that live with my mum and stepdad

So to celebrate, I thought I would put together a few cat cafe's that I am dying to go to!

1. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium (Shoreditch, London) The first ever cat cafe in London and I cannot contain my excitement. The website gives you a description of each cat (loving Alice and Lizzie, so cute!) Due to popular demand I would be sure to book in advance!

2. Maison De Moggy (Edinburgh, Scotland) I am visting Edinburgh at the beginning of December so I will definitely be dragging my dad and his girlfriend here. As Scotland's first cat cafe, Maison De Moggy has a lovely menu and a range of 'Moggy Stars' - I am in LOVE with Guillaume! 

3. Mog On The Tyne (Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle) I was drawn to this cafe as it houses a cat named Tinks, which was the name of my lovely cat, but also little Rum who is adorable! Serving local food, this is certainly one for the to do list!

Has anyone been to a cat cafe before? I am super excited to explore the ones above!



  1. I've always wanted to subscribe to glossy box!

    1. Ah I think you have commented on the wrong post but yes, definitely subscribe, I am too excited about December's box and no doubt a blog will follow!

      Charlotte x