Friday, 9 October 2015

9. LIFE: Meal For One Please

I'm going to admit it, I've fallen out of love with cooking. I am not sure that I was ever really in love with it, but there was definitely a time when I was more keen to make a meal for myself. Maybe it's the fact that after a day at work, I just can't be bothered. This seems to be my attitude to a lot of things recently... BUT that is all about to change. I am really keen on healthy eating but at uni, it was a but expensive and now even though I have less time, my bank balance is looking slightly healthier so I thought I would start. Now. 
I have been seen saying this for a while now and I think my mum got the hint, buying me both Jamie Oliver's 'Everyday Super Food' and the Deliciously Ella 'Awesome Ingredients, Incredible Food that Your Body Will Love' for my birthday. Lucky me. Flicking through the pages, I automatically become hungry (not actually that unusual for me as I am ALWAYS hungry). I am particularly drawn in by the apricot energy balls as I am a fiend for snacking, particularly crisps, and I always crave something sweet as soon as I get back from work. As my weekends are seeming to calm down a little bit, as much as I love being busy, this may enable me to plan a bit in advance and make some scrummy concoctions. 
So I am going to cut this short and do an online food shop. Hopefully this will make me stick to healthy eating, but I may need some help from some food bloggers! Has anyone got any yummy recipes to share?!
I'll keep you updated on my successes, and most probably failures! 

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