Friday, 20 November 2015

19. REVIEW: Cereal Killer (Shoreditch)

I love cereal. I think I could maybe eat it for every meal. There is just so many varieties and I can't even think of one I don't like off the top of my head. I even once had about a half an hour conversation about cereal on a date, safe to say, it did not end up going anywhere.

Anyway, last month I decided to take a trip to Cereal Killer in Shoreditch. I had been dying to go there for a while now and I managed to convince one of my lovely friends to accompany me. On arrival, it wasn't exactly what I had expected but I really did love the feel of the place, especially with the cereal boxes all on show. 

After about 20 minutes decided what to have, I opted for one of the cocktails 'Feckin nut case' which consisted of Crunchy nut clusters/crunchy nut cornflakes/honey nut scooters/hazelnuts/almond milk as well as an earl grey tea. My friend decided to make their own concoction and I did have a bit of food envy.

I really did love it here, but maybe next time I would not go here for my dinner and do the normal thing and go for breakfast! Get. There. NOW!


P.s Have you seen the Cereal Killer Cookbook?! Need to get my hands on one of these!!!


  1. gah it looks amazing. i seriously need to go! x

    Hannah x hannatalks

    1. Definitely, like I said, a must for breakfast... not so much for dinner!! Thank you for reading!!

      Charlotte x

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely if you are a big fan of cereal - like me!

      Charlotte x

  3. interesting post love to read it