Tuesday, 1 December 2015

20. EVENT: Google Start Up Weekend (Exeter University)

So last weekend was an interesting one for me, something a little bit out of my comfort zone but equally, one the most exciting experiences! Last weekend I attended the second Google Start Up Weekend at Exeter University and lets just say, it was not one to be missed!

First of all, I want to take note of the space in which the Start Up weekend was held. The Innovation Centre on the Exeter University campus is an amazing space, especially to get those creative juices flowing! Not only was it light and airy, it was made comfortable with large bean bags, a ping pong table as well as super friendly staff. This was also coupled with an amazing menu of food from breakfast to dinner (personally a big shout out to Two Coast County who served a to-die-for burger!)

Two Coast County

These elements made the weekend a lot more enjoyable as 54 hours in one space was a bit daunting. The weekend kicked off with a bit of networking before a short presentation by the organisers which really enthused us all! This then lead to the pitches, I unfortunately wasn’t brave enough to stand up with a business idea, but many of my fellow peers did and it was so motivating hearing everyone’s one-minute business propositions. The hardest part of the day had to be voting for the final eight business propositions to work on as they were all so good! But when the eight business propositions were selected, teams were formed and this is where the real work started. From brainstorming to researching, the weekend entailed a lot of work as a team to make sure the final five-minute presentation was going to meet all of the judge criteria.

Lemon Jelli (Based in Newton Abbot, Devon)

This weekend really was great for meeting like minded people that wanted to share ideas and knowledge. I would encourage anyone with a business proposition to get involved with the next Google Start Up Weekend (TBC) at Exeter University; I am currently working on an idea and gaining the confidence to pitch at the next event!



  1. very nice post
    loved reading it

  2. This sounds like such a cool event. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) X


    1. Thanks Sheren. I would really recommend it if you are into that kind of thing, I think they are beginning to set up all over the UK now!

      Charlotte x