Friday, 18 December 2015

23: WANDERLUST: Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas around the corner, I thought I would compile what will be on my wish list this year (please deliver Father Christmas, pretty please!) Most of it is naturally from ASOS but I thought I would focus on some of the other gifts I hope will be under the tree. 

Firstly, a Barbour jacket. Yes yes yes this is a big expenditure and I am most definitely pushing my luck a bit, but I really am fed up of being cold. I know the Barbour coat trend has been and (nearly) gone but I am on the hunt for a new coat which will shield me from the harsh cold weather but also look nice. Who would have thought it would have been so difficult?

Running shoes. A bit of a boring present but I am not going to lie, the last few weeks have mainly consisted of eating crisps and plenty of chocolate. I know that this is what Christmas is about but I need to learn to have some self control and get back to that gym!!!

NARS. Okay this should have been at the top because the other day I told my mum that 'my life would be complete' if I got any of the palettes this Christmas. Slightly dramatic I know. However, I have a slight obsession with eye shadow and I could then use it a fuel a review or tutorial blog post (so please mummy!)

Ellie Goulding's Album. I don't even know what its called, I don't even know what is on it, but I am nearly 100% sure I am going to like it. A lot. Ellie (first name terms because we are best friends in real life) is a musical goddess and I can't wait to put her album on repeat for the next three months.

So this is a little sneak peak, but to be honest, what I am most looking forward to is seeing my family and eating a lot. Oh the small things in life!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to some new blog posts in the New Year!



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