Monday, 8 February 2016

30. LIFE: V Day (PANIC)

Ahhhhh panic. As I write this, I am also frantically googling what to do on valentines day, how sad for a Friday night. For the last god knows how many years I have spent v day with my best friend, in the form of a bottle of wine or with my dad. Again, how sad.  However, this year I feel I should make a bit of an effort. I am not really a romantic girl, not really into the whole roses and chocolates thing (however, if my lovely boyfriend is reading this, you are more than welcome to send flowers!), but I do like a good day trip or cute night in. 

I thought that through my intensive googling I would try and help my fellow girls or guys that are a bit stumped with what to do on v day this year apart from the classic meal out (which I will probably end up doing!) So here are a few ideas for both a low and high budget this year!


Cheese and wine night - Pretty much the best things on earth, you could do this with a few candles lit and there you have it, a cute date on a small budget. 

Long walk - I love a good walk and at least you get to take a minute to chat without distractions. Walking through London at night is definitely worth checking out!

Get away for the night - Obviously at the top end of a budget, but sometimes its just nice to be in a different environment and having no parents around..

Cook dinner - Admittedly I wouldn't be doing this as lets just say I am not exactly a whizz in the kitchen, but a joint effort is a good alternative (3 courses is a must!)

Create a chocolate fondue - So I have just realised that most of my ideas revolve around food, but hey, what better way to spend valentines day. A bit of interactive food sharing is always fun and yummy, you could even use cheese for a savoury fondue option.


Okay so here is just a few ideas I had from googling, hope you have fun!

Spreading lots of love to my readers <3



  1. I'm glad pretty much all of these involve food, it makes me feel better that i'm not the only one who thinks that way haha

    1. I literally read them all back and was like, I revolve my life around food too much!!

      Charlotte xx