Monday, 15 February 2016

31. LIFE: Oh... THAT Guy (Singles Awareness Day Y'all)

After my last post, I thought I would ensure that a bit of attention was drawn to Singles Awareness Day. So.. what is this?

'In response to the huge push by retailers for us to buy all of their candy, flowers and greeting cards February 15 has been declared Singles Awareness Day! This is the day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OKAY to be single!'

And a big cheers to that. What is so bad about being a single pringle and ready to mingle? A lot of the most important people in my life are single and have achieved so much, so why is there this stigmatism surrounding being single? I don't think that a lot of people realise that being single is actually a choice.

I think it is harder than ever to meet people now. We all think that the next stage of our life is going to bring the love of our life, but with so many distractions, I think this is becoming less true. Lets be honest, we all could of settled for THAT guy. You know, the guy that texts someone else while they are with you. The guy that drops the L bomb but then doesn't text you back for two weeks. The guy that forgets your birthday and so on. 

Now I am not saying that girls are angels, but from a girls perspective, I have seen so many tears shed over these kind of guys (not to mention my own) that I am not surprised that being single always seems like a better option. But frankly girls, you have got to feel sorry for these type of guys because at the end of the day, they will never realise what they lost and the possibility of what could have been. You live and you learn and I am sure that having these kind of people coming in and out of your life was an experience that made you learn more about yourself. Ok, so it wasn't love, but on to the next one..

And if you learnt that a relationship isn't for you, that is more than OKAY. I strongly believe being independent is important in this day and age, so lets celebrate being independent and making our own choices.

Happy Singles Awareness Day to you all, but particularly to my beautiful single friends, keep smiling!


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